Hello Adventurer!

You Are at this Website that you are the Adventure Lover Adventurous Person Who Loves to Do Adventurous in this Short and Busy Life.

Today we are Like Rats and Like Insects who follow their same routine and Path daily. That May be from Home To Office and Office To Home Or College/University To Home and Home To College/University.

Do You think that is should be a routine of a Person with Precious human life in this Earth or you should do to fulfill your soul with some adventure in Himalaya after which you can tell to yourself that my be i have to follow some routine but But my life is not Bonded with this routine and i always get time to Live like a Human.

Adventure Activities are the most Practical Activities in this World where your Soul,Body, and Brain involves at Same Time.

No one Activity in this world can bring all these factor at same time beside Adventure Activity. And In “Shaashtra” It is called ” Moksha” when all your Senses are in Your control.

So Come To Himalaya and Come To Kullu and Get “Moksha” from your daily Unhealth and usual Routine.

Because ” It is not the Things Remembered Whole life which you have done daily, but those things/Activities which are Done aside from daily Routine”.

Our Former President Lt. Abdul Kalam said That “My Marks don’t give me that Happiness which my School Bunks Gives’.

So Bunk You office and Routine and Come in the Lap of Himalaya. Because Himalaya Has all things which can heal Your Soul and Body from Inside.

We Welcome in Dev Bhoomi (God’s Land) Kullu.

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