Altitude: 2000M Transportation: Included Group Size: Single Distance Covered: 20Kms Best Season: April To December Distance: Longest Fly In Kullu
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Paragliding In Kullu Experience the best paragliding ride in mighty Himalaya the adobe of god. paragliding in Kullu manali

Himachal Pradesh offers you a scintillating paragliding experience among the Dhauladhar ranges and the Beas river valley, as you soar through such beauty in a literally quit fashion! Manali is home to many paragliding sites such as Solang valley, Burwa, Marhi,Talogi and specially Dobhi. These sites can be chosen depending on the person’s personal choice of flight and optimal weather conditions.

Falayan is a small Village/hamlet in Naggar Tehsil in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh State, India. .It a wonderful new tourist sport And if you want to fly like a free bird and soar high up in the sky, then paragliding is what you must experience. Paraglider’s’ paradise, falayan offers a heavenly view of nature. The thrilling experience of paragliding is enhanced by the blissful view of the slopes of Falayan . Flying high with the help of paraglider will give you an exalting view of the valley, and this grand sight is one of the main reasons why paraglider from around the world visit this site. Feel the adrenaline pumping through your vein and conquer your inner fears. Touch the new horizons of fun and adventure in this exciting activity. This activity will be highly secure with all the safety equipment..
Falayan Dobhi is must visit paragliding site for fun and adventure lovers. It is the first private paragliding site approved by the government of Himachal Pradesh. Landing area it is situated in Dobhi near Tibetan colony. The landing area is 23 km away from Manali on NH21 towards kullu and 15 km from kullu towards manali. You just have to reach Dobhi to our trusted paragliding operators and rest of the work they will do on their own.
25 minutes of jeep safari to take off site Falayan at an altitude of 8000ft and the landing to 3000ft. The flight time is between 10 to 15 minutes.

You have to reach At Dhobhi Place from where your will be picked for Paragliding site Falayan. If you have booked Transportation from Us then You Will Be Picked From Your Hotel


Day 1

Reach At Paragliding Site

Arrive at Dhobhi Place on National Highway. We will share the Map and Location of our Site when you booked. You will be instructed for paragliding by our Guides/Pilots. You will be geared-up for Paragliding. Thats it..! Now You will Enjoy the Breathtaking and Longest Fly in Kullu with Beautiful Kullu valley around you.

Pick-up or Drop-off service from and to Dhobhi(in our own vehicle)
Transportation to and from your Hotel if Applicabel
One Mineral Water Bottle and Welcome Fruit Drinks.
All the required permits and paperwork

Acro- ₹500 (optional with Extra Charges)

Gopro- ₹500 (Optional with Extra Charges)
Your travel and medical insurance
Personal Expenses such as shopping, bar bills, hot shower, telephone, laundry, titbits etc
Food and accommodations.
Services not mentioned or not promised by the Us.

  1. :

    It was my first time but i didint got scared but having fun nice place one must try the long paragliding

  2. :

    I had enjoyed paragliading here and enjoy the view wth eagle eye.

  3. :

    Thrilling experience.
    Must do for all the adventures people out there.
    Flying beside the hills will give you an exciting Adrenaline rush.
    You would want to do it again.
    You won’t be able to forget the experience that you had.
    It’s once in a lifetime feeling.
    Do it with your friends.
    Talk with each other in air.

  4. :

    Awesome place for paragliding. Beautiful view from the top. The price depends on the height of the jump and flies time. Most of the jump from 5000-7000 feet height. Good experience& local community is supportive. Tourism based & friendly area.

  5. :

    I had paragliding here. It was my first time and was an awesome experience. First they took us to the top of a hill , and then setups were made and we were to jump from the hill to start paragliding.
    The views from above were heavenly. Tje man who was with me during paragliding gave his identity card. And they are all trained.
    Rate was 2000 for one person and 500 extra for videography( they provide Gopro cameras ) [ rate as per Dec,2019]

  6. :

    It Was Awesome To Fly In Kullu Valley. firstly i was very nervous but Pilot Was very Friendly and he Make me comfortable as he was talking with me very friendly. Thank You. Best Ever Experience.

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Browse through the different destination on the home page, check the location, price, actual flying time and also read the reviews of people at different destination who already fly over there, that helps you to find what’s best for you.

All adventure sports carry risks. To operate safely in any kind of aviation environment one must strive at all times to minimise those risks. The most important pre-requisites to learning to fly safely are pilot attitude, competent instruction, and safe equipment. The modern paraglide is a sophisticated aircraft that has been computer designed, flight-tested and certified to an international standard. Ongoing research, testing and development ensures that paraglide are sophisticated in design and very safe.

The wing maintains its aerodynamic form with internal pressure resulting from forward flight. Para gliders can stay aloft when the rising air currents are greater than the descent rate of the wing and have performance similar to some hang gliders.

To begin with, we don’t jump off anything. Para gliders are usually launched by running off of moderate slopes with the glider inflated until you are lifted off your feet.

Minimum age limit is 5 years and age between 5-14 years are only allowed to fly with their guardian and family member. A passenger aged between 5-14 years must have the undertaking form signed by a guardian. We have flown passengers from 14 to 80 years of age.

We use an adjustable harness and two different sized wings to cater for nearly every shape and size. As a general rule we can easily cope with someone from 40 kg to more than 100 kg and a height of 120 cm to 200 cm. If you are near to or outside the extremes of these ranges please advise us and we will endeavour to accommodate your size.

Wearing clothes and shoes suitable for some physical activity is required:
• Sturdy shoes or trekking sandals that you would go for a brisk walk jog or play sport in. Preferably with a closed toe to better protect your feet.
• A warm top long pants, Even if the day is hot. On a cold day it can be very chilly, so rug up.
• Glasses or sunglasses are fine. If they are loose you may want to secure them before flight.
• Sunscreen, hat and water – sometimes we have to patiently wait for the conditions to be just right.

There are many types of physical and mental disabilities and many people challenged with a disability can still enjoy the freedom of a tandem flight experience. It really depends on the nature of the disability. We are keen to share our passion for flight with anyone who feels likewise. Usually the person with the disability and/or their carer will know if a tandem flight is possible and we are happy to chat through the possibilities.

There are many levels of being ‘scared of heights’. There is a big difference between a healthy caution of heights and a true fear of heights. If you exhibit obvious and severe physical symptoms, such as sweating, dizziness, nausea, when close to an edge, in a glass elevator, or even just thinking about being high, then paragliding is not going to be so enjoyable.

No the intention is not to ‘scare your pants off’. We will not perform any acrobatics or high risk manoeuvres during a tandem flight experience unless you willing to do, for that you have to pay extra money because it affects the life of paraglide as they are very costly. We are very responsive to how you feel in the air – after all it is your flight – so we listen to you during the flight and tailor the experience to suit you. Some people want to gently cruise around and admire the scenery; others are thirsty for knowledge and want to know all the detail about equipment, wind, etc; others are adventurous and want to be thrilled in the air by turns and dives. Of course if at any stage you are feeling uncomfortable we will take you straight to landing. Safety is our first priority.

It is not common but it is possible that you may feel nauseas. About one in every fifty people feels a little bit sick when flying but usually only if we do fast turns. We minimise the possibility of you feeling sick by checking how you are feeling during a flight and before we do any fast turns. If you are not feeling well we slow things down and just cruise around to allow you to recover and enjoy. We estimate only one person in every thousand are actually sick while in the air. Of course we land as quickly and gently as possible when someone is truly feeling sick.

Paragliding requires a certain strength and direction of wind to enjoy a safe flight. Of course we must fly during daylight and we cannot fly in the rain. We make every effort to forecast weather in advance so that you and your pilot only travel to launch if there is a good chance of flying. However, the weather is unpredictable and full of surprises. If the booked time is not suitable for flying we simply make arrangements for another day that does suit. Many people are lucky and their preferred day is rewarded with a great flight. Others may require two or three different booking times to finally get airborne. We will communicate with each other the day before and/or the morning of the flight to confirm the weather and the likelihood of flying.

You are welcome to bring a camera, phone or Go-Pro with you on the flight to record pictures and/or video. We recommend you have a strap around your neck or wrist to secure the camera and any loss or damage to the device is your responsibility. If a friend or family member is available they can take some photos/video of your launch and landing. Our pilots will have a Go-Pro available on the day and for an extra fee can arrange for some video or photos while in the air. The current rate for producing a short video with a couple of photos for you is 500 rupees.

Paragliding like any other action or adventure sport has obvious risks. You will be asked to read, complete and sign a form provided by Himachal tourism that outlines the obvious risks of paragliding, informs you of the potential for accident or injury and requiring you to assume the risks involved. The only insurance coverage is third party insurance covering other people and property, not the tandem pilot or the passenger. All personal insurance such as medical, income protection, disability and life insurance are the sole responsibility of the individual. We need to make it clear that whilst we will minimise risks and take reasonable care of you in flight you must assume the whole risk of injury, damage or loss and will not hold Paragliding Operators, its directors, employees, contractors or volunteers, in any way liable for whatever might happen before, during or after the tandem flight experience, or for any injury, loss or damage of any kind.