Distance: Longest Rafting in Kullu Transportation: Included Altitude: 1900M Distance Covered: 7Kms Best Season: April To December
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From a quiet drift through forest wilderness to a white-knuckled, wide-eyed journey down turbulent rapids, rafting covers the full adventure spectrum.

Rafting in Babeli is the best experience of Rafting Activity in Himalaya. Babeli is the biggest Rafting Point in Himachal and on Beas River. Its 3 to 8 Kms distance and Wilderness of River make it most thriller and adventurous Activity in Kullu and Himachal.

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Hers is the Guide to River Rafting in Kullu with Sightseeing:

About the Activity:

  • Enjoy the adventurous rafting of 7km in Kullu amidst snowy mountains.
  • You Have to Reach Rafting Point at own.
  • If you will be required to Arrange your Pick and Drop by us then supplement cost will be Added. Please Confirm the same at the time of Booking in Message Section.
  • You can tour Kullu and go to the local places.
  • Kullu is the place where the rafting activity can be conducted.

Classification of Rapids

Water rafting is one excursion that is best suited for water rich rivers and Beas River in Kullu-Manali corridor is an idyllic stretch for conquering all your rafting fears. While beginners can kick-start their rafting expedition in Grade II rapids near Raison and Babeli. The river stretches between 2.5-3.5km offering comfortable Grade II levels.

The adventurists who are pro in rafting or have had rafting experience can embark on Grades III and Grades IV levels stretching to a sprawling length of around 7 – 14km near Pirdi region. Manali River rafting guarantees you with a nerve wrenching experience. So, if this is your first time rafting experience we provide you in detail description of the grades that you are likely to encounter while white water rafting in Manali.

Grade II: Get prepared to float your raft through harsh waters. Develop your group and prepare up with all the wellbeing ropes as while paddling through these evaluations you may need to take a shot at your moving procedure in light of the fact that the rapids is going to get somewhat harsh from here.

Grade III: The minute you enter this level, you will be invited by foaming white water. Prepare yourself as you are liable to meet sudden drops. Beat the little waves ascending to a height, keeping in mind that your end goal is to lead forward with no tumbling. While moving through these evaluations, ensure you have a superior procedure arranged in terms of balancing your raft – develop your team work for an exciting river rafting in Manali.

Grade IV: Once you enter this level, the heights and the size of the waves becomes irregular. Long and vibrant rapids test your rafting skills. Also, get ready to encounter an array of obstacles including rocks and strong eddies. While encountering grade IV during Manali river rafting expedition you might need an experienced guide that is why this grade is best suited to professional rafters or who had any prior experience with the said grade level.

Safety Measures in Rafting

Around 41 authoritatively enlisted rafting offices are situated along the Kullu Valley. Drop points start 30 km south of Manali close to Katrain, and stretch out to the city further reaching the Kullu region. All the river rafting expeditions in Kullu are overseen and supervised by experts and experienced staff who have ample experience and training in handling any emergency situations as well.

Their skill set ensure that your security is the most astounding need for them. While white water rafting in Kullu you will be advised about all the required Do’s and Don’ts of rafting. The principal guideline of rafting is to get prepared with all the security robes, for example, life jackets and helmets.  However, these mandatory requirements are for your safety and do not ensure 100% safety but it is highly recommended that you strictly follow all the security codes before you dive into water.

Ensure that you are comfortably dressed in order to stay away from any obstacle while indulging in white water rafting in Kullu. The various rafting procedures and swimming system will be advised to you on site as well. We understand the thrill of embarking on an adventure activity, but it is highly recommendable that you pay attention to the briefing and all the instructions that your instructor will tell you on site, also, it is wise enough to clear all your doubts regarding the techniques and procedures required in rafting before itself than while you are undertaking the activity.

Things to Carry

It is always a good habit to be well decked up with all necessary things that could come handy while you prep up for river rafting in Kullu. Also, all the rafting cap sites are located right on the banks of the river, thus, you might not able to purchase any much-needed item right on the spot.Below listed are some of the essentials that you should carry so as to avoid any unannounced peril.

  •  Valid Identity Proof: It is always sensible to carry a valid Identity proof, since rafting is an adventure sport, you will be required to provide your valid identity. Also, for various grades certain age bar is mandatory, thus, to have an obstacle – free Kullu river rafting experience, you are expected to carry a current and valid ID proof.
  • All luggage to be carried in a ruck-sack – Pack light and travel light is the mantra of happy and safe travelling. Make sure that you pack everything in a backpack, so that your hands are free.
  • A handy water bottle – Adventure sports may lead to dehydration so ensure you have adequate amount of drinking water to keep you going. It is advisable to carry a water bottle (3 litres at least) so as to avoid any discomfort.
  • A Swiss/knife – Rafting in Kullu is no doubt an adventure excursion – you might be at times need to inflate the raft or any other requirement. To meet the instant need of the time, a Swiss knife is something that always comes handy and is an essential commodity of an adventurist’s backpack. For a perfect adventurous experience, be prepared with all handy gears.
  • A Good quality and sturdy pair of walking shoes/ chappals/floaters – For adventurous activities, the first rule is to wear comfortable shoes and while rafting there is danger of waves pulling you out of the raft. Ensure your feet are properly tucked in comfortable shoes. You will also be briefed about the appropriate footwear- so make sure you are well-prepared for any kind of requirement.
  • Extra pair of clothes – There is no second guessing that you will be getting thoroughly drenched; pack some extra clothing that you can put on post you’re rafting in Kullu. Make sure you pack something light such as T-shirt and shorts so that you do not face any discomfort while carrying the wet clothes back.
  • Sunglasses and a cap/hat – Kullu is no doubt a hill-station, but day times might get sunny depending on the season of travel that you have opted for. It is advisable to have a proper head gear so as to protect yourself from harsh sun.
  • Rain jacket – There is nothing more unpredictable than weather that too in hill-stations. It might not be the season of rain but we suggest you have everything in handy so that you enjoy your rafting experience to the core.
  • Waist Pouch – Instead of hunting for small-small things in your backpack, make sure you carry all your money, phones and other tiny things in a waist pouch. Also, a waist pouch reduces risk of losing things.
  • Camera – There is no better way to recall a trip than by locking the moments forever on a camera film. Store all your lovely memories of river rafting in Kullu in a camera – also Kullu is one of the most beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh, apart from rafting we are sure you would not want to miss any sightseeing excursion as well.
  • Any personal medication – Travelling might take a toll on your health. It is always suggested to pack all your personal medication with you. Change of a place and acclimatization with the weather might take time, thus, carry all your necessary medicines. Also rafting, might get a little dangerous depending upon the grades that you are in. Carry some pain reliving sprays/ gels and antiseptic creams so as to avoid any bruises that you might encounter while participating in the activity.

How to Reach Manali

By Air:The closest airport to Manali is at Bhuntar, found roughly 50 kilometers far from Manali. Domestic flights join Bhuntar with Delhi and Chandigarh. Once at the air terminal, you can take a pre-paid taxi to Manali. Be that as it may, owing to climate conditions, flights are not the most dependable alternative for getting to or out of Manali

By Bus:Manali is very much joined with popular tourist destinations like Leh, Shimla, Kullu, Dharamshala and New Delhi by a system of state-run transport and also private transport system. The transport venture from Delhi to Manali is 550 kilometers, and it is suggested to book your tickets in the air-conditioned Volvo coaches, as these buses are more comfortable keeping in mind the long journey.

Road/Self:The drive up to Manali is simply amazing! You can get grand looks of the bordering mountains and valleys from each turn that the twisty tough street tosses you in. Despite the fact that a great deal of vacationers incline toward a self-drive up to Manali, it is fitting to procure a taxi in the event that you are not happy with driving in rocky areas.

Things to Keep in Mind

1. Follow the instructions:Your instructor is your life saver, so it is wise to hear him out. He knows precisely what you ought to do and when to do it too. Normal things that you will hear amid your float will be: forward, quick forward, incline left/right, sit in/out. So, brace up and do what you are being told to do.

2. Hold onto your life jacket:White water rafting is most likely one of the best adventure experience that one can take up. Whether you are an amateur or a veteran, the rush of rafting never shows signs of change. No doubt rafting surprisingly can be nerve-wrecking activity. A decent quality life jacket can deal with around 110-150kgs of weight, which means regardless of the possibility that you fall in the water, your life jacket will offer you some assistance in staying above water.

3. Use Feet forward technique while floating in water:In spite of the fact that the possibilities of falling into the water while river rafting in Manali are off chance especially if you are in Grade II, still if you tumble, you ought to hop into your raft, if not then maintain your feet forward. The trick is to stay comfortably on “top” of the water: this can offer you some assistance against getting stuck between rocks or suspicious gorges. It’s best to go with the flow, and never attempt standing in the water.

4. Wear what is right for the activity:Since you will be spending extended period of time in the waters, it is likely that you will feel chilly regardless of the fact that the climate is hot. The best thing to do is to wear clothes that can get dry effortlessly. Materials like polyester and capilene dry quickly and also keep your skin dry and warm.

5. Use an effective Sunscreen:Long hours of staying in water and sun can leave you with major tanning. Also, the sunburns that you get from rafting takes a long time to go. So, it is a good idea to apply a good amount of waterproof sunscreen with maximum SPF on the exposed areas. We recommend you do a thorough research as to know what kind of sunscreen suits your body before going for something that might give you an allergic reaction.

Reached At Rafting Site Babeli (It's On National Highway)


Day 1

Reached At Rafting Site Babeli (It's On National Highway)

You have to reach at Rafting Point Babeli (30Km from Manali and 10Kms from Kullu City) at Own. If You have booked Pick-Drop from us then You will be picked from your Hotel. After Reaching To Rafting Point babeli, you have to Proceed to Counter No. mentioned on your Booking Voucher. Just Show that confirmation Voucher to Activity Manager of that Counter and they will cross check. Thats It.....! Now get ready to Wear Rafting Gears and to Push your soul in Beas River to Wash it with Adventure.
  • Rafting
  • All the required permits and paperwork.
  • One Mineral Water Bottle.
  • Pick-Drop if Applicable.
  • Your travel and medical insurance
  • Personal Expenses such as shopping, bar bills, hot shower, telephone, laundry, titbits etc
  • Food and accommodations.
  • Services not mentioned or not promised by the agent/agency
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Rafting is an Adventurous but safe Activity. You will be geared up with proper instruments before getting to River.
But You should be aware of what to expect and mentally prepare for some real time situation.

You don't need to panic in this situation. Control over your mind is the best solution of this situation.

You have to listen to guide carefully and should do as he direct you.
Handle the ropes of Raft tightly so you don't flow with river's water.
Keep your head up from water level until rescue team on Raft or from outside come.

No. Its near National Highway and you only need to push yourself to Counter No. Mentioned on Your Voucher.

Rafting is a fun filled and thrilling adventure, and every adventurous activity involves some level of risk. Hence, it is necessary that proper precautions are taken. One should definitely enjoy the experience of white water rafting, but also abide by the rules and regulations mentioned, to avoid any kind of mishap.

Several non-swimmers go for white water rafting. Thorough, safety measures are taken; participants have to mandatorily wear the ‘life vest’ or personal flotation device (PFD).The guides who accompany you are well-trained for any necessary rescue missions, thus taking care of your comfort zone.

Rafting involves going up or down the river in a raft, especially paddle rafts. This means moving the boat requires manual power; one has to be reasonably healthy to do that. It is okay to consult a doctor, if your mind is flooded with doubts and queries regarding the same.

One should preferably wear a swim suit, a t-shirt and shorts is also acceptable. It is recommended that you avoid wearing cotton. Do not wear flip-flops; one can wear old tennis shoes, river shoes or water shoes. Also carry extra pair of clothes and a towel.

It is very rare to fall out of the boat, but if you can swim it is one of the exhilarating experiences. Avoid getting off the boat, because no matter how exciting it seems, it leads to disorientation. Do not panic, if you fall accidently and follow your guide’s instructions in such situation.

Yes, you can bring your camera or video camera along, but at your own risk. There will be a professional photographer who would accompany your group. In case, you don’t wish to carry your personal cameras, feel free to purchase these photographs. These photos would also be available online on the website.

The best time to go rafting is anytime between the months of September to June, especially May and June. Rafting is closed during the rainy season. One can enjoy the thrill of this adventure with family and friends anytime, but during rains.

The answer, to this question varies as per the trip chosen. Because rules and regulations are specific to each river, depending upon the risk factors involved. If there is no particular age limit specified, then children and elderly should feel free to enjoy rafting.